Become a Dealer

It's Easy to Become an Essential Dealer!

  1. Complete the credit application. Be sure to include trade references so we can set up credit for your account. Your order will ship after credit references are retrieved and in good standing. If you would like your initial order to ship immediately before your credit application is processed simply pre-pay your order and we'll ship it Freight Free. Customer service can call you with amount for your check or they can also process the pre-payment with credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. If you are a brand new business it is still important to complete the credit application with bank references, etc. You will be asked to prepay your first order.

  2. Be sure to complete the Blanket Certificate of Exemption information on resale permits and tax ID.

  3. Read the Dealer Policy.

  4. Place your initial order. There is a $100 net minimum opening order requirement. No standard packs. Sample what you would like to start. If you would like some advice contact customer service 800.357.3570 or one of our field sales reps. To see a list of our reps click here.

    Use our Dealer Price List or your own purchase order form. View our current Essential Dealer Catalog online.

  5. Register at EssentialDealer.Com so you get all the latest news about products and specials!

It's that easy!